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photo: dharam khalsa

Last fall your Instagram feed was probably filled with the same two clips of some unknown skater wearing True Religion jeans while darksliding to notorious late 90s banger, “Torn.” If you don’t know by now, those darkslides are from Trung Nguyen’s RESPECTFULLY part that created a sort of cult following around him. Since then we’ve seen more “illegal tricks” become legal, every video ha…….


photograph: dharam khalsa

Final fall your Instagram feed was in all probability Full of The identical two clips of some unacknowledged skater sporting True Religion denims wright hereas darksliding to infamous late 90s banger, “Torn.” Do You’d like to don’t know by now, these darkslides are from Trung Nmanen’s RESPECTFULLY half that created A Sort of cult following round him. Since then we’ve seen extra “ilauthorized tips” Discover your self to be authorized, every video has one ironic early 2000s teenage woman music, and parks are Full of youngsters rocking Realtree camo and motocross gear.

At 29 yrs previous, Trung, in distinction to many completely diffelease Ny transplants, Did not simply fall into the NY type lure. Trung’s clofactor And magnificence are each recurleaseative of his upbringing Inside The agricultural suburbs of Houston, Texas. After shifting to NY metropolis, Trung gained nameless notoriety by way of graffiti And naturally his stand-out half in Chase Walker’s RESPECTFULLY.

It’s been almost a yr As a Outcome of The discost, so we caught up with him to see what has modified now that he has made it into The worldwide skate dialog.

Do people ever come As a lot as you and ask you to do a darkslide?
That’s undoubtedly what people know me for, however surprisingly, A lot Of people don’t level out it. People undoubtedly respect The completely diffelease tips [laughs] or my strategy beset off I’m On A daily basis Sort of like, “You wantd that half? That’s actually cool. Why do You choose it?” They typically’ll say one factor like, “Yeah, it’s a extra ‘On the market’ Sort of skating.” [laughs] I don’t actually Take into think aboutation All of the tips in my half, I used to be simply Sort of doing no matter was potential at my expertise diploma. It’s exhausting for me To want to do ancompletely diffelease darkslide ever as quickly as extra however I am going to have A pair of extra to do. But, I don’t Have to be Usually acknowledged as strictly a darkslide man.

I really feel ancompletely diffelease huge factor That people have been hyped on was the music. Do You understand “Torn” was going to be the tune you skated to?
Chase Walker [videographer] is super open-thoughtsed about letting the skaters decide their music. The story Is a few homies have been visiting, And that i really feel Definitely one of them put the music on Inside the automotive wright hereas we have been on a mission to go to Jersey to get fireworks. We have been Inside the tunnel when “Torn” acquired here on and all of us have been like, rattling this music is fucking sick. That is typically a vibe. This …….