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‘I haven’t bought new clothes in years,” boasts a woman going through a rail of clothing at a Slow Fashion Collective event in Woodstock, in Cape Town. Everything on offer is secondhand — “pre-loved”, in car-salespeople parlance. From Italian-made trench coats, Adidas jackets and sequined jumpsuits to a mint-condition Donna Karan two-piece in wool, one can find any type of garment from almost any era. 

This may well be part of the appeal of what is…….


‘I’ven’t purchased new garments in years,” boasts A woman going by way of a rail of clofactor at a Sluggish Style Collective event in Woodstock, in Cape Metropolis. Everyfactor on supply is secondhand — “pre-liked”, in automotive-salespeople parlance. From Italian-made trench coats, Adidas jackets and sequined jumpsuits to a mint-situation Donna Karan two-piece in wool, one can discover any Sort of garment from virtually any period. 

This might be An factor of the attraction Of What’s now termed “thrifting” (buying for secondhand clofactor) However The woman On the Woodstock event is a moneyed Capetonian who chooses To not buy moral causes.

“I don’t Simply like the althought Of buying for factors made in a sweatshop thOn then journey prolonged distances.” 

She Isn’t alone; thrifting is Not confined to a small sub-tradition of low cost-hunters or fashion aficionados. There are a slew of native on-line platforms permitting promoteers and consumers to Get rid of and buy secondhand clofactor. Yaga is one such website, the place You should buy fashions Similar to Nation Road, Zara or A selection made by influencers.  

Jaffe 01/02: Lisa Jaffe found she had purely employed sustainable practices Inside the manufacturing of her fashion label, Guillotine, As a Outcome of it made good enterprise sense. (Robert Kersner)

Sustainable fashion entails many practices. The tenets have been outlined in 2018 when A worldwide movement in the direction of sustainable fashion, dubbed The type Revolution (a UK-based mostly nonprofit organisation), loved extreme visibility in South Africa by way of the Cape Metropolis Style Council. Sustainability was Definitely one of phrases Inside the manifesto and was outlined as Referring to fashion that “by no means unnecessarily destroys or disautomotiveds however thoughtsfully redesigns and recupperiodtes in a round method. Style is repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled. Our wardrobes and landfills should not overflow with garments That are coveted however not cherished, purchased however not stored.”

Two completely different phrases, transparency and accountability, function and relate to fashion that advances equal pay and “lifts people out of poverty”.

Twyg, the South African eco-frifinishly fashion platform established by Jackie May, has an award that extremelights moral labour practices, transparency Inside the design, manufacturing practices and sourcing of suppliess and the extent to which suppliess have been sustainably sourced. 

Alexa Schempers’s upcycling fashion design label Rethread was established two years in the past, Through the pandemic. She says native labels promising eco-frifinishly fashion tfinished To current “simplistic types in pure suppliess”. 

Rethread 01/02/03/4: Alexa Schempers’s Rethread label principally consists of upcycled garments. The Knysna-based mostly designer typically reworks menswear gadgets, from jackets and shirts to denims, into new garments For women.

Garments in her Rethread assortment are physique-hugging, with strategically placeed slashes and reduceouts. Not often Can we affiliate moral clofactor with A sexy punk and androgynous look. Two-toned trench coats and denims are created by pairing the halves Of numerous reclaimed garments. Males’…….